Sa'di in Love: The Lyrical Verses of Persia's Master Poet

Homa Katouzian

ollowing three former books on Sa’di, one in English and two in Persian, Dr. Homa Katouzian’s latest book is made up of 85 ghazals, translated into English published side by side with the Persian originals. It includes a lengthy introduction on Sa’di and his love poetry, including a discussion of the contribution of others, both Iranian and European, in the past to the subject, and substantial new material based on his own studies.

“In the breath that I die, for you I’ll be longing/ Wishing to turn into the dust of your belonging’ Sa’di, Expressions of Love. With poetry which speaks across the ages, Sa’di (1210-1281) is a vital classical poet and a towering figure of the medieval Persian canon. Comparable in skill and stature to other Persian poets such as Ferdowsi, Hafez, Rumi and Omar Khayyam, Sa’di’s verses best known through his ‘Bustan’ and ‘Golestan’ address universal themes of passion, love and the human condition in works which are both psychologically perceptive and beautifully crafted. His mystical writings, contemporaneous with Rumi, reveal a degree of depth, wisdom and insight which have placed Sa’di in the pantheon of world literature. In this essential new translation of Sa’di’s work, leading expert on Iranian studies Homa Katouzian seeks to bring the poet’s lyrics to a new readership. The book provides the Persian text and Katouzian’s English translation side-by-side, creating an indispensible tool for students and enthusiasts of Iranian history, literature and culture.”