The Radif of Mirza Abdollah

By Jean During

ean Durings’ Note: “I thought that this monument of Persian musical tradition deserved a better edition and that I should reconsider my first transcription with the help of the new available computer musical softwares. I found it desirable and possible to enhance the computer notation in order to make them clearer and better looking by highlighting the structure of the melodies by a proper segmentation. The understanding of this structure is precisely one of the pedagogic tasks of the radif. To visualise and understand where a phrase begins and ends facilitates the memorisation of the radif and develops naturally a music taste which will allow to introduce personal variations, and ultimately to improvise or compose in a consistent way. The presentation of the radif, its historical roots, its variants, its artistic and pedagogic value have been deeply improved and developed in the forthcoming edition, in the light of the new data collected during the last decades by qualified Iranian scholars.”

This book has been published in both English and Persian.